Power Washing

ref2We recommend power washing to preserve the exterior beauty of your home and or commercial property. Pressure washing removes the dirt, grime, and cobwebs that make your structure look old and dingy. It will brighten and refresh the exterior facade. It extends the life of the exterior paint, which means less painting in the future. Dirt and pollutants can damage the exterior surface of your home and or building, causing the paint to fade,peel, and deteriorate. The pressure we use can be adjusted for certain types of exterior surfaces as not to damage them.  We recommend power washing the outside of your home or building at least once a year as a minimum for proper up keep and maintenance.

Also power washing can restore the look of your concrete, such as driveways, walkways, stairs, and patio areas. Sometimes these areas can accumulate moss, which can become slippery and become a hazard and a liability. The concrete will look new again and clean.  Wooden decks and hand railings can be power washed as well.  It is recommend to pressure wash any wooden deck prior to staining and sealing it.

Roofs can also be power washed to preserve them. One example would be a wood shake roof, which sometimes accumulates moss on the north side of the structure. Moss can damage the shingles and lessen the life of the roof. We do not use chemicals in our power washing process, just plain and simple water.

Power washing does not use a lot of water because of the high pressure involved. It is a process that cleans efficiently and effectively.  Some commercial properties use recycled water to water their landscaping and we have the ability to tap into this system and use the recycled water for our power washing services which will conserve our clean water.

We also recommend having the exterior windows cleaned after a power wash on a house or building so that the water spots left behind can be cleaned off. The reason is because the city water can leave minerals and calcium behind on the glass that can be difficult to remove over time and can damage the glass.