Awning Cleaning and Protection

Awnings help shade a building or home from the sun. They help keep the sun’s glare and heat from directly penetrating a window and possibly fading furniture or carpet inside, as well as helping make a room comfortable in the summertime if it is too hot outside. Awnings, especially fabric and vinyl awnings, can be quite costly to replace once they become faded from the sun and damaged from the wind during the seasons of the year and well as father time, taking his toll on them.

It is especially important to protect your investment.  Awnings should be cleaned on a regular basis. We recommend twice a year as a minimum.  If neglected, they can become so dirty over time, that cleaning solutions may not bring them back to their vibrant state. Also awnings can become mildewed and also can become moldy  if not cleaned on a regular basis, in some cases, taking away their beauty.  Only professional awning cleaning products should be used during the cleaning process. If not cleaned properly and with the proper cleaning product, then they could be damaged and left with unsightly streaks.

Fabric and vinyl awnings should be sealed after they are cleaned to protect them from the elements, such as the sun, wind, and rain. The sealer helps prevent premature aging, such as color fading, and good old father time taking his toll.  It also helps repel water and prevent the growth of mildew and mold. The clear sealer can be applied to both fabric and vinyl awnings and is recommended.


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