Awning Cleaning and Protection

Awnings help shade a building or home from the sun. They help keep the sun’s glare and heat from directly penetrating a window and possibly fading furniture or carpet inside, as well as helping make a room comfortable in the summertime if it is too hot outside. Awnings, especially fabric and vinyl awnings, can be quite costly to replace once they become faded from the sun and damaged from the wind during the seasons of the year and well as father time, taking his toll on them.

It is especially important to protect your investment.  Awnings should be cleaned on a regular basis. We recommend twice a year as a minimum.  If neglected, they can become so dirty over time, that cleaning solutions may not bring them back to their vibrant state. Also awnings can become mildewed and also can become moldy  if not cleaned on a regular basis, in some cases, taking away their beauty.  Only professional awning cleaning products should be used during the cleaning process. If not cleaned properly and with the proper cleaning product, then they could be damaged and left with unsightly streaks.

Fabric and vinyl awnings should be sealed after they are cleaned to protect them from the elements, such as the sun, wind, and rain. The sealer helps prevent premature aging, such as color fading, and good old father time taking his toll.  It also helps repel water and prevent the growth of mildew and mold. The clear sealer can be applied to both fabric and vinyl awnings and is recommended.


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Window Cleaning


We here at Superior Window Cleaning recommend cleaning your exterior windows at least twice a year on the outside and at least once a year on the inside, as a minimum. We normally clean the screens, tracks, and sills as well, unless otherwise instructed. Frames can also be wiped down if requested by the client. This recommendation goes for commercial, and residential homes.

The windows are the eyes of the building or home.  It is important to keep them clean for your clients, guests, family, and your own satisfaction. The windows of a building or home let you look out or in to the soul of your residents or workplace, a place where you abide. It is important to keep them clean.

A prime example is when you are planning to sell a building or home, or maybe lease or rent it out. Clean windows will definitely help with the selling point. Any good real estate agent would recommend getting the windows cleaned before putting the building or house on the market.    As a landlord it will help with leasing or renting the structure.

Professional window cleaning is a must. Trying to do it yourself could result in streaked, smudged, or even worse, scratched glass, if not done properly, not to mention a waste of your precious time, if not done right.   The new potential owner might want a discount or the glass replaced before the sale is closed, so be careful in your decision making.

We can also remove any unsightly hard water stain from your glass as well, through our hard water stain removal process. This is a must as well to make the glass clear again. Most of the time the damage can occur to the glass from pool sweeps, garden hoses, and sprinklers spraying the glass with the hard city water. Water that has minerals and calcium in it, which end up drying on the glass and leaving a stain, which will build over time, if not addressed. It can end up damaging the glass and turning it white in color.


Power Washing

ref2We recommend power washing to preserve the exterior beauty of your home and or commercial property. Pressure washing removes the dirt, grime, and cobwebs that make your structure look old and dingy. It will brighten and refresh the exterior facade. It extends the life of the exterior paint, which means less painting in the future. Dirt and pollutants can damage the exterior surface of your home and or building, causing the paint to fade,peel, and deteriorate. The pressure we use can be adjusted for certain types of exterior surfaces as not to damage them.  We recommend power washing the outside of your home or building at least once a year as a minimum for proper up keep and maintenance.

Also power washing can restore the look of your concrete, such as driveways, walkways, stairs, and patio areas. Sometimes these areas can accumulate moss, which can become slippery and become a hazard and a liability. The concrete will look new again and clean.  Wooden decks and hand railings can be power washed as well.  It is recommend to pressure wash any wooden deck prior to staining and sealing it.

Roofs can also be power washed to preserve them. One example would be a wood shake roof, which sometimes accumulates moss on the north side of the structure. Moss can damage the shingles and lessen the life of the roof. We do not use chemicals in our power washing process, just plain and simple water.

Power washing does not use a lot of water because of the high pressure involved. It is a process that cleans efficiently and effectively.  Some commercial properties use recycled water to water their landscaping and we have the ability to tap into this system and use the recycled water for our power washing services which will conserve our clean water.

We also recommend having the exterior windows cleaned after a power wash on a house or building so that the water spots left behind can be cleaned off. The reason is because the city water can leave minerals and calcium behind on the glass that can be difficult to remove over time and can damage the glass.


Rain Gutter Cleaning, Maintainance

Fall Cleanup - Leaves in Gutter
It is very wise every fall season to prepare your home for the winter/rainy season.  Part of that preparation is to make sure your rain gutters are in proper working order. In order to do that, it is wise to have them cleaned and inspected for problems. First the cleaning should be done to remove all the leafs and debris.

Also the roof and valleys should be checked and cleared as well, so if any debris is found that it does not wash down into the rain gutters later on. Finally the downspouts need to be checked and flushed, to make sure they are draining properly. If any leaking seams are found, they should be properly sealed.

Sometimes that requires Pop riveting the seams together if they are coming apart and sealing the inside of the gutter so no leakage takes place in the future. If your home has trees around it, please make sure they are pruned back away from your roof line. Small repairs can be done for an additional fee.

It will help protect your number one investment, your home.  We recommend having your rain gutters cleaned and inspected at least once a year as a minimum. If you have any trees around your home that drop their pine needles, leafs, etc., and cause blockages in your gutters and down spouts.

This is especially important if your downspouts drain into an underground drainage system, because any blockage underground can become costly and back up your gutter system, causing water to possibly enter your home and foundation.  Also make sure the downspouts always drain away from the foundation of your home.

This is very important to protect your home against foundation repairs, cracks, mold, etc., which can become quite costly to repair.