Window Cleaning


We here at Superior Window Cleaning recommend cleaning your exterior windows at least twice a year on the outside and at least once a year on the inside, as a minimum. We normally clean the screens, tracks, and sills as well, unless otherwise instructed. Frames can also be wiped down if requested by the client. This recommendation goes for commercial, and residential homes.

The windows are the eyes of the building or home.  It is important to keep them clean for your clients, guests, family, and your own satisfaction. The windows of a building or home let you look out or in to the soul of your residents or workplace, a place where you abide. It is important to keep them clean.

A prime example is when you are planning to sell a building or home, or maybe lease or rent it out. Clean windows will definitely help with the selling point. Any good real estate agent would recommend getting the windows cleaned before putting the building or house on the market.    As a landlord it will help with leasing or renting the structure.

Professional window cleaning is a must. Trying to do it yourself could result in streaked, smudged, or even worse, scratched glass, if not done properly, not to mention a waste of your precious time, if not done right.   The new potential owner might want a discount or the glass replaced before the sale is closed, so be careful in your decision making.

We can also remove any unsightly hard water stain from your glass as well, through our hard water stain removal process. This is a must as well to make the glass clear again. Most of the time the damage can occur to the glass from pool sweeps, garden hoses, and sprinklers spraying the glass with the hard city water. Water that has minerals and calcium in it, which end up drying on the glass and leaving a stain, which will build over time, if not addressed. It can end up damaging the glass and turning it white in color.


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